Girl, 3, Puts on Police Uniform to Sell Lemonade and All Her Local Heroes Show Up to Support Her

Hannah Pasley, 3, has wanted to be a police officer ever since she saw one on television.

A Missouri girl attracted much more than the usual neighborhood crowd when she put on a police uniform to sell lemonade.

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Kansas City police officers flooded 3-year-old Hannah Pasley’s lemonade stand after they heard she was having a little trouble getting her business off the ground.

Sierra Moore, a friend of the family, posted about the scene to Facebook, explaining that police officers, deputies, K9 units, mounted patrol, and even a police helicopter showed up at the lemonade stand, all to support a young girl who aspires to be a cop herself.

“We just wanted one police officer, and then over 50 were there. This street was just lined up with these cars,” Moore told “She’s 3 years old, and all she talks about is being a police officer.”

Her mom, Amber Pasley, told that her daughter has wanted to be a police officer ever since she was about 18 months old, after watching the kid's show, PAW Patrol.

So when Hannah wanted to purchase a police uniform and prop handcuffs, her mother invited her to set up a lemonade stand to raise the money.

"We wanted to teach her the value of money and how you need to work hard to get what you want," Pasley said.

When she sold enough lemonade, Hannah went out with her aunt to purchase the costume, but Pasley said she still noticed her daughter feeling a little down.

"She said, 'I just really would like to meet a police officer," the mom-of-three explained.

Hannah continued selling lemonade in her new costume but after spending part of the morning with no luck, the family decided to call the police department, hoping an officer might drop by. 

Shortly after, Pasley said they began flooding Hannah’s lemonade stand. Not only did they pause to purchase a cool drink, they even showed the 3-year-old around the patrol cars, and introduced her to some of the horses of the mounted police force.

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"They brought two horses for us to get to see and pet, and they brought the helicopter to hover over our house," Palsey explained. "She was jumping up and down and running up to complete strangers and hugging them like they're her brother or sister like she doesn't know a stranger when it comes to police officers. She's at home with them."

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