Man's Mugshots Document How He Progressively Covered His Face and Neck in Tattoos

Robert Hardister was a clean-faced teen in his first mugshot. Eight mugshots later, his face is covered in ink.

A 25-year-old Florida man has been arrested many times, and his mugshots show an ever-progressing series of tattoos that now cover his face and neck.

His most recent run-in with the law came in St. Augustine, where he was taken into custody after officers observed him getting into a stolen car, police said.

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Robert Hardister told the officers he knew the vehicle was stolen, but that he had accepted it as payment in a meth drug deal, police said.

He was arrested for auto theft and is being held without bail, authorities said.

His mugshot shows ink covering his face and neck. A star tattoo is below one eye, his nose is covered in dark dye, and a fence wraps around his neck, with graffiti tattooed on it.

His first arrest occurred in 2009, when Hardister was 18. His Palm Beach County Sheriff’s mug shows a clean-faced, smiling young man.

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Over the next eight years, he was arrested eight more times, mostly on vehicle theft charges, and in each booking photo, his tattoos get bigger and denser.

Johnston County Sheriff's Office (2014) / Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (2016)

By 2014, he has a letter F on his cheek, a chin tattoo, floral designs climbing up his forehead and a Nazi “SS” tattooed between his eyebrows.

In 2016, he was arrested in Palm Beach, where authorities said they found him asleep behind the wheel of a stolen truck.

His mug shot from that arrest shows him with dyed yellow hair and blocks of solid ink covering his forehead, the bridge of his nose and one side of his face.

Johnston County Sheriff's Office (2014) / Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (2016)

“I really don’t know what he has going on,” Florida tattoo artist told the Palm Beach Post last year. “He’s got a lot of everything.”

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