Comey Captivates Nation as Americans Flock to Bars and Social Media to Watch Hearing

Twitter erupted with comments as bars that normally show sports were tuned to the testimony.

Social media went wild over James Comey's testimony Thursday morning.

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Bars across the country, which normally feature sports on their multiple televisions, instead were tuned to coverage of the hearing.

“It is packed to capacity," a customer at a crowded bar in Washington, D.C., tweeted. "People are whispering to order their drinks so they can hear the TV.” 

At another establishment in the nation’s capital, a man reported, "This is the quietest I’ve ever heard a bar."

People in Los Angeles watched in coffee shops and on their cell phones while people in New York watched on the subway.

And as the hearing was underway, Twitter erupted with comments.

"Comey is doing serious damage to this administration," read one tweet. "Worse than many expected."

"Comey has built, from ground up, a case for obstruction of justice,” said another.

Others weren't as impressed, like the guy who tweeted: "He sounds like any other guy who's bitter about being fired."

Many Americans did their best to find humor in the historic day.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert shoveled popcorn as he watched transfixed.

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Conan O'Brien told fans he was hosting a party. 

Tomorrow, me and 12 friends are going to an ESPN Zone to watch the former head of the FBI testify before Congress.

— Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) June 7, 2017

Social media managers for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and The Daily Show live-tweeted memes and jokes throughout the testimony. 

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