Kidnap Victim Katie Beers Reacts to Kala Brown Rescue Video: 'It Floods Me With Emotions'

Brown, 30, was found chained by the neck inside a shipping container.

Following the release of footage from Kala Brown’s 2016 rescue from a South Carolina shipping container, one woman who survived a similar ordeal nearly 25 years ago knows exactly what the 30-year-old went through.

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Katie Beers was 9 years old in 1992 when she was kidnapped and chained to the wall in an underground bunker for 17 days in the Long Island, N.Y., town of Bay Shore.

"It floods me with emotions right now,” she told Inside Edition. “Just because I have been there, I have experienced it. The surrealness of being held in captivity for so long and praying and hoping for the day that you are going to be found.”

Brown was kept chained by the neck inside the shipping container for two agonizing months.

She was given a dog bed to sleep on. She was chained to the wall with a padlock and given three crime novels to pass the time.

“I was chained by my neck,” Beers added. “I at least had a television where I could watch news reports and media. I knew that the police and my biological mother were looking for me and they wanted me to come home. Just going two months without any human interaction, two months without sunshine, two months without sun on your face, it is a very, very scary situation.”

As police freed Brown with a bolt cutter, she told them that realtor Todd Kohlhepp shot and killed her 32-year-old boyfriend, Charles Carver.

After Brown's rescue, police confronted Kohlhepp in his home.

Cops say Brown spent two months on the property owned by Kohlhepp in late 2016 after he allegedly lured her and her boyfriend there with the offer of a job.

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Last month, Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to kidnapping Brown and seven murders. He was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences.

The man who held Beers' captive, John Esposito, was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the abduction. He died in 2013.

Beers, now 34, says that despite Kohlhepp's sentence, Brown's ordeal isn't over.

"They have a long road to recovery and so does the family," Beers said. 

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