'Batman' Co-Star Burt Ward Remembers Adam West: 'All We Did Was Laugh'

Ward starred as the boy wonder in the popular TV series that shot West to international notoriety.

Like the characters they portrayed, Adam West and Burt Ward had a rock-solid friendship — one that lasted more than 50 years.

“I loved him," Ward told Inside Edition as he remembered his Batman co-star and friend, the late Adam West. "We had the best time. We could talk about any subject. All we did was laugh."

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Ward, who portrayed Robin opposite West’s Batman in the 1960's series about the Caped Crusader, is opening up about his former co-star, who died over the weekend after a short battle with leukemia.

West was 88.

Ward said that he was stunned to learn the severity of his friend's condition.

“I wasn't aware he was dealing with an illness — neither was he," Ward said. "He thought he was dealing with altitude sickness. They found out he had leukemia. I was surprised.”

Ward is now 71. He and his wife, Tracy, run the Gentle Giants Dog Rescue out of their home in Norco, Calif.

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Ward laughs as he recalled how West performed Batman's infamous dance, "The Batusi."

“He was so funny the way he did it," he said. "You can't even put it in a box because it was so wild and crazy. He was wild and crazy.”

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