Republican Lawmakers Seen Joking and Playing Baseball a Week Before Shooting

Steve Scalise, who was shot Wednesday, was among the politicians featured in the clip.

Republican lawmakers were seen in a lighthearted mood and joking around at their early-morning baseball practice, video shows, a week before Wednesday morning's harrowing shooting on the same field.

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In the footage, Republican leaders can be seen enjoying America’s pastime. And Sen. Rand Paul cracked jokes about the upcoming big charity game against the Democrats.

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise, who on Wednesday was shot in the hip by the crazed gunman, is also seen in the clip.

"Couldn’t even make my high school team, but you know, kind of bloomed later in life,” he says in the video.

The Republicans emerged victorious over the Democrats in last year's contest, snapping a seven-year drought.

"[Before] last year, it's been seven years since we won,” Scalise said. “We need to even that score up a little bit."

Team manager, Rep. Joe Barton, was also interviewed in the video.

"This year we are going to make it a two-game winning streak," he says. 

Barton was seen in his baseball uniform in the halls of Congress Wednesday, having gotten away from the shooting spree unharmed.

The video filmed last week was taken by Alex Gagitano, who reports for Roll Call, the Capitol Hill news website.

"Everyone was in really good spirits playing like young boys or how they used to play," she told Inside Edition. "That is why I was shocked this morning to hear the news." 

The charity game is an annual tradition in Congress.

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Wednesday's shooting took place at practice, as Republicans got themselves into shape for the big game, which takes place at Nationals Park in Washington and usually draws a big crowd.

It has been announced that the game will go on as scheduled Thursday night as an act of solidarity as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle pray for the five shooting victims.

On Capitol Hill, it was a rare showing of unity in a highly charged political climate following the shooting, as representatives from both parties stood as one.

"An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us," House Majority Leader Paul Ryan declared.

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