Once-Abused Dog Settles Into Fur-Ever Home After Couple Pleads Guilty to Hoarding Over 170 Yorkies

Lucy, a 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, is adjusting well into her new home, despite still having issues with anxiety.

After more than 170 Yorkshire terriers were rescued from a California hoarder, each and every one of the pups is on the path to a new and better home.

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“Seeing where [Lucy] came from, I was like, I just wanted to adopt her, you know, [and] give her the home that she deserved," Courtney Odor told InsideEdition.com. “It’s like she can be a puppy for the first time.”

Christine Calvert, 62, and Mark Vattimo, 72, of San Diego pleaded guilty Monday to charges of animal neglect after 170 dogs — or 185 if you include puppies born to pregnant dogs — were found living in squalor at their home and other locations.

More than 90 dogs were found in a dark room, where floors and walls were covered in feces, mice ran free and many of the dogs had fleas and matted fur.

About 30 other dogs were found at another location, and 46 more were found in an RV in Nevada.

“I couldn’t even distinguish dog from dog in the picture,” Odor said as she was shown her pup’s former home. “I just don’t understand how someone could have that much neglect. These are just little lives.”

Calvert and Vattimo will face three years’ probation and counseling, and are forbidden from owning pets for a decade as a part of their plea deal. They will, however, avoid jail time.

As for Lucy, the 12-year-old Yorkie also has a long way to go in her journey to healing.

When she was adopted, Odor said Lucy’s body was covered in sores. The pup, named after Lucille Ball, has no teeth and must be handfed soft food. Lucy is also on medication to prevent her from going deaf, and she often has social anxiety sparked by loud noises.

“If there’s a lot of noise, you can tell it reverts her back to whatever memory she has,” Odor explained. “You see the same thing in people who have been in abusive homes as you see in animals.”

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But, the moment Odor saw her, she fell in love.

“She’s definitely a diva," Odor said. "She’s dramatic, and she’s just like a puppy. [Lucy] progressed into a happy dog."

The San Diego Humane Society told InsideEdition.com that they are slowly releasing the rescued Yorkies for adoption. To find out more about bringing one of the pups home, visit their website.

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