This 2-Foot-6-Inch Beauty Vlogger Is Challenging Perceptions of Beauty Standards

"I hope I can inspire people to follow their dreams and live big," Michaela Davert said.

Meet all two feet and six inches of the Michigan vlogger challenging the perceptions of beauty standards.

Michaela Davert, 18, is the glamorous face behind FunSizedStyle, a YouTube channel that has garnered more than 30,000 subscribers since she started it five years ago.

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“It’s fun to put on makeup and get all glammed up and put on a nice outfit,” Davert told Barcroft Media. “I absolutely love it."

Davert has osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare condition that has left her bones extremely brittle. She has had nearly 90 fractures and 25 surgeries in her life as a result of the condition.

Her mother, Melissa Davert, shares her condition.

“When I was younger, I broke very easily," Davert said. "People were afraid to even get near me.

"I think that kids growing up didn’t really understand the condition, so making friends and being around friends was a little bit harder."

Davert now has metal rods in her limbs and gets around using a wheelchair. Overall, her bones have gotten stronger.

Although she may not look like a typical beauty blogger, Davert said she was inspired to make her own videos about makeup after enjoying tutorials by other vloggers.

"You never really see girls with disabilities in the makeup profession so I wanted to change that and be a new face and a role model to younger girls and just have fun with it," she explained.

Her mom, a disabilities advocate, said she’s proud of her daughter for being an inspiration for women everywhere.

“I think Michaela inspires people because she is overcoming life’s challenges and living a happy life,” she said. “We all have challenges in life and some are visible and some are invisible. And with Michaela and I, our challenges are really visible.”

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In fact, her YouTube channel is just one of many ways Michaela plans to change perceptions on disabilities while doing what she loves.

The college student, who is studying marketing, plans to move to L.A. to start a fashion line catered to people of her size.

“Currently, I have to buy children’s clothes and Disney print and sparkles aren’t ideal for every occasion,” she joked. “I hope I can inspire people to follow their dreams and live big — nothing can hold me back.”

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