Bill Cosby Celebrates Court Victory With Legal Team as Wife Camille Rips 'Arrogant' Judge

Both sides are now preparing for the retrial.

New details have emerged as to how Bill Cosby and his team unwound after the judge declared a mistrial in the disgraced comedian's sexual assault trial.

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Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt told Inside Edition that the entire team went back to Cosby's house in Pennsylvania.

"We just took our ties off, he went upstairs and hugged Mrs. Cosby, and he called from upstairs while we were all downstairs and thanked all of us for giving us the best Father’s Day present ever,” he said. “He said, ‘I know they are calling this a mistrial, but in my eyes this is a victory for me.'"

Both sides are now preparing for a retrial, which prosecutors have promised.

Ebonee Benson, a spokesman for Cosby's wife, Camille, read a statement Saturday afternoon after the mistrial was announced, slamming the judge and calling him "arrogant." 

She spoke to Inside Edition and discussed the role of Camille, who was only seen once in court. 

"This is a woman who has supported her husband, who has stood by her husband, so her question, her anger is why? What is the real purpose of what feels like witch hunt," she said. "Everyone has a different opinion or a different perspective on what standing by someone means. Her physically being there by him in no way depicts how she has supported him throughout this entire process and throughout their entire marriage." 

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Lili Bernard, one of the many women accusing Cosby of sexual assault, attended the trial and had a heated exchange with a supporter of the embattled comic.

"He better get ready," she told Inside Edition. "What happened last week and the week before in Montgomery County was just a dress rehearsal. So now it is Round 2 and time to put on some boxing gloves." 

Along with the retrial of the criminal case, Cosby still faces seven defamation suits from women who say they were libeled when he claimed their sexual assault accusations were lies.

Those cases have been put on hold while the criminal proceedings continue.

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