From Coffee Pots to Cutting Boards, the Glaring Cleaning Mistakes You're Probably Making

Did you know you should only be washing a wooden cutting board with a bleach solution?

Cleaning your home is a chore that hardly anyone looks forward to, but could you be cleaning your house all wrong?

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Using the same sponge to clean your dishes and countertops is certainly something that many do but it is incorrect, and highly unsanitary.

Sponges can really be a hotbed for ick and bacteria," Meaghan Murphy, executive editor of Good Housekeeping told Inside Edition. "You never want to use the same sponge on two different surfaces.

"So if that's your sponge for the sink, keep in the sink. Don't then move to the counter."

Murphy showed Heather Tanella, a mom from New Jersey, what she's doing wrong when she cleans her house.

After chopping onions, Heather cleans her cutting board with soap and water. That's a big no-no, according to Murphy.

“The best way to wash a cutting board, especially a wood cutting board, is with a bleach solution," she said. "Soap and water cannot properly disinfect something like a wooden cutting board."

Heather loves her morning coffee and uses soap and water to clean the coffee pot, but cleaning should not end with the pot, as the machine itself may need your attention as well.

“All this moisture in here, after you brew your pot of coffee you want to lift this up and allow it to air out," Murphy said. "Otherwise, you are creating this little happy home for bacteria."

After you take out the trash, Murphy suggests cleaning the garbage can before replacing the bag.

“You never know what's leaking through that bag,” she said. “Add to the chore list a good wipe down with a disinfectant wipe once a week. Then spray with a disinfectant spray. That's going to kill 99 percent of those germs.”

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Murphy says dusting causes a lot of buildup and could potentially attract more dust. She says the smarter move is to spray the cloth and then wipe down the furniture.

One of the dirtiest jobs in the house is cleaning the toilet bowl, and most people just put the wet brush right back in its holder, a practice that Murphy takes issue with.

She advises balancing the brush on the toilet to let it air dry.

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