Mom Is the Talk of Freshman Orientation After Taking Selfies With Shirtless Football Players

Avery Leilani's freshman orientation at Texas State University has taken an odd turn after photos of her mom have gone viral.

She may not be a student, but this mother is clearly the big woman on campus.

Danielle Clay's face has been seen more than 17 million times because of a series of selfies she took at freshman orientation with a group of scantily clad football players. 

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Clay's daughter, Avery Leilani, will be attending Texas State University in the fall and recently went to her freshman orientation. But at one point, they got separated.

Later, Leilani received three text messages from her mom at once, which raised concern.

“She usually doesn’t send me that many messages at a time,” Leilani said. “I was thinking she probably got lost or something.”

To Leilani’s surprise, there were three photos of her mother with the shirtless football players and a text that read, “I made some friends. Don’t wait up!”

As it turns out, the selfies were for a contest among visitors at the school. The winner will receive a $500 scholarship.

“Apparently what they told the parents [was] whoever got to take a silly selfie, that you were entered to win,” Leilani explained.

Leilani immediately took screenshots of the texts and posted them on Twitter.

Leilani’s response to the texts were, “Mom you cougar” and “How in the world?”

“It really did not surprise me at all that this is something she did,” Leilani said. “She’s just kind of a silly personality…she’s a lot more cooler than me.”

Leilani said it was the players’ idea to approach Clay and take the action shots. The boys have been joking around with her, saying, “Let’s get breakfast! You can bring your mom!”

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Neither Clay nor Leilani could have imagined that the tweet would be such a hit until they discovered there have been more than 17 million views.

Now it’s up to the school to choose who took the silliest selfie.

“We are not sure if I won,” Leilani said. “That won't be determined till the end of summer, but hopefully I do!”

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