DeMario Jackson Claims Corinne Olympios Was 'Aggressor' in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Scandal

Jackson is out to clear his name after the intimate encounter during "Bachelor in Paradise" production.

For the first time, DeMario Jackson is dishing salacious details as he explains his side of the story in the Bachelor in Paradise controversy.

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“It got a little hot and heavy," he told E! News. "She is a great kisser."

When asked whether she had her legs wrapped around him, he replied, “Hell yeah.”

The show was temporarily shut down over complaints that fellow cast member Corinne Olympios was "black-out drunk" when she had an intimate encounter in the pool with Jackson.

“We were naked when we got into the pool,” he said, adding there was "rubbing, touching, touching," and “nothing too sexual. Things got wild because it was more like her being the aggressor."

Jackson said that at no point did she seem drunk, saying: “I don’t even know sober girls who can do what she did.”

Jackson says he wasn't the only recipient of her affection and claims she kissed three other guys on the show.

Three days later, a producer told Jackson he had to leave the show.

“I'm like, 'What the?' He goes, ‘I can't tell you what I know but it's going to be bad if you don't leave tonight,'" Jackson recalled.

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A Warner Bros. investigation found "no misconduct” but Olympios maintains she was a "victim."

“The minute you show a black man’s face and a white girl's face before either of us either commented on it, I was already a rapist,” he said in Tuesday's episode of the two-part interview. 

Olympios has made no statement about the incident, other than through her lawyer, who says his client did nothing inappropriate while filming the show.

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