Is Charlie Sheen Broke? 'Major League' Actor Selling Babe Ruth's World Series Ring

The ring could bring in as much as $1 million.

Could Charlie Sheen be broke?

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The former Two-and-a-Half Men star is selling some of his most treasured possessions, including the 1927 World Series ring that belonged to legendary slugger Babe Ruth.

The Great Bambino’s ring is one of the most prized pieces of baseball history and may fetch a million dollars.

The ring has the inscription: “G.H. Ruth," after the Sultan of Swat's real name, George Herman Ruth.

Dealer Josh Leland Evans is selling the ring in an online auction, but admits that Sheen has actually damaged the ring by wearing it.

“The 'G.H Ruth' has faded from Charlie Sheen taking it on and off his finger,” he told Inside Edition.

Sheen is a huge baseball fan and could be selling some of his prized possessions because he is $12 million in debt.

Last year, the Major League star, who has been divorced three times, filed court papers seeking a reduction in child support payments.

At the time, he claimed he was $12 million in debt, including $1.3 million owed to the IRS, $500,000 to American Express, $800,000 in legal expenses and $25,000 a month in medical bills.

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Along with the World Series ring, Sheen is selling the contract, signed by Ruth, which brought him to the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox in 1919 and sparked the notorious "Curse of the Bambino."

The contract could fetch another $750,000.

“This is the best of the best of the best. It's the greatest player ever, the greatest season ever from the greatest team ever,” the auctioneer said.

The auction, run by LeLands, ends Friday, June 30. For more information, click here

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