Couple Gets Married 22 Years After Meeting in Preschool: 'I've Always Loved Him'

Matt Grodsky got down on one knee at... their old preschool.

When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

Long ago, Matt Grodsky, 23, promised his preschool sweetheart that he would marry her one day.

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Nearly 20 years later, he fulfilled that promise when Laura became his wife.

“I was just always drawn to her,” Matt told Inside Edition. “She always had this infectious smile that she still has, just this happy energy.”

The pair was about 5 years old when they met at their Phoenix preschool class.

“We did everything together,” Laura said. “We’d watch movies, we’d have playdates.”

So, Matt followed his young heart and proposed: “[I] said, 'Hey, we got a good thing going. We should get married.'"

“Sensible me said, ‘We should probably wait,’” Laura recalled. “'We’re still a little young.'”

Laura and Matt continued on to separate elementary schools and eventually lost touch.

Eventually, they reconnected through a friend in their freshman year of high school, and the pair immediately hit it off.

Despite having attended different high schools, and later going to college in different states, Laura and Matt proved their love could endure it all.

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Two years ago, toward the end of their junior year in college, Matt invited Laura to a picnic on the lawn of their former preschool, where he popped the question for real at the same place where they first met.

This time, Laura said yes.

“I’ve always loved him,” Laura said. “He’s my best friend.”

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