Bacon and Entering: Pig Caught Trespassing at Local Business is 'Taken Into Custody' by Cops

The tiny swine was released soon after in a wooded area.

A wayward pig was taken into custody by Texas police officers after it was discovered trespassing on a local business’ property, cops said.

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Officer Seth Anthony and Sergeant B. Lovell of the Diboll Police Department responded to the scene after the tiny hog was reported hamming it up at the town’s history center over the weekend.

Just like any other lawbreaker, the swine was “placed into custody” and loaded into the back of their police cruiser, according to photos that appeared on the department's Facebook page.

But it appears the officers were lenient, and could be seen in a photo posted just minutes later setting the furry creature free near a wooded area.

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Some locals later commented that the piglet could have been someone’s pet, and that releasing the animal into the wild may have been dangerous.

Officers responded they could either euthanize or relocate, and discussed the issue with the Texas Game Warden that releasing it into the wild was the best option. 

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