Crying Fowl: Whole Foods Chicken Salad Recalled for Having No Chicken

More than 400 pounds of Whole Foods chicken salad have been recalled.

A Whole Foods supplier has been making chicken salad out of … tuna.

More than 400 pounds of the would-be poultry mixture has been recalled because its key ingredient was fish, not fowl.

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The Willow Tree Poultry Farm of Attleboro, Mass., has recalled its “buffalo-style chicken salad” after Whole Foods workers discovered there was no chicken in the concoctions, the USDA reports.

The 12.5-ounce plastic containers carry the USDA inspection number “P-8827” and were shipped to stores in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.

The recall was issued because of misbranding and “undeclared allergens,” the agency said.

There have been no reported cases of allergic reactions.

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Purchasers were advised to throw out the salad or return it the place of purchase.

The containers bear Whole Foods labels.

Willow Tree president Walter Cekala said "human error" caused the mislabeling. "We take our customer's health and safety very seriously," he said.

In January, Willow Tree Poultry Farm recalled 204 pounds of egg salad mislabeled as chicken salad.

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