Real-Life 'Paddington Bear' Cub Goes on Its First Ever Climbing Adventure

In new footage, a 6-month-old Andean bear cub can be seen taking his first steps up a tree at the Chester Zoo in Britain.

Paddington Bear came to life in mainland Britain six months ago and the cub has already embarked on his first adventure, a voyage in the trees at the zoo where he lives.

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Footage shows the Andean bear cub, which was born in January, climbing step-by-step up a branch before making a graceful return to the grass at the Chester Zoo.

During his first journey, the curious cub, who is not yet named, can be seen biting on a branch, hanging out and looking around.

“It’s gaining more and more confidence with every passing day and is wasting little time getting to know its surroundings — including some of the very tallest trees," Tim Rowlands, the curator of mammals at Chester Zoo, said in a statement. "Andean bear cubs learn very quickly though and we're sure it won’t be long until this adventurous newcomer completely develops its head for dizzying heights."

The zoo says the cub became slightly stuck a few times, but his 5-year-old mother, Lima, was nearby to lend a paw.

“Mum Lima really has her paws full with her excitable new cub,” Rowlands said.

The Andean bear originates from South America, but the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorized the bear as vulnerable to extinction in Bolivia due to habitat loss and human interaction.

The bears are reportedly being killed to keep them away from their crops and livestock.

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The Chester Zoo is now working with field conservationists to study the species’ lifestyle, especially since this cub is the first Andean to be born in mainland Great Britain.

The cub's story draws some parallels from another Andean bear, Paddington, the marmalade-loving creature that was born in Peru and had its adventures in the U.K.

The author of the Paddington series, Michael Bond, died on June 27.

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