Woman Loses It When Her Sister Surprises Her After a Year Apart

Her husband was in on the surprise.

A Florida woman reunited with her younger sister after a year apart in a heartwarming surprise captured on video.

Ola Cooke, 38, had not seen her sister, Ala Szulakowska, 32, since visiting her in Poland, where Ola is originally from, last summer. 

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“My wife wanted to see her sister really bad so she contacted her to see if it was possible and her sister told her she couldn’t do because of work-related stuff,” Ola’s husband, Chad Cooke, told InsideEdition.com. “Her sister contacted me about it and said she would be able to make it and if we could keep it a surprise.”

Of course, Cooke agreed and in June, he told his wife he was going to “help a friend move,” when he was actually picking Szulakowska up from the airport. 

“I picked her up and had her hide in the passenger seat and had her come in two seconds after me,” Cooke said. 

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In the moment, shared by Caters News, Ola’s shock and emotion is clearly evident as she squeals in excitement. 

“I had tears in my eyes watching my wife’s reaction,” Cooke said. “I hate lying to my wife but I knew it would mean a lot to her. Her reaction made it all worth it.”

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