Llamas on the Loose: Animals Escape Their Home Getting Spooked by Bear

One llama is still on the lam.

Llama on the loose!

Two llamas escaped from their Colorado owners on Thursday, but the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority was quickly able to capture one of them.

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The animals were reportedly spooked by a bear before running away.

A resident spotted one of the llamas, Speckles, across the river from a nearby highway and called police.

“We sent members across to get the llama and they were able to get it,” Public Affairs Officer Scott Pringle told InsideEdition.com.

Speckles’ friend, Bravado, however, is reportedly still on the lam, although he’s been sighted since, according to authorities.

Pringle said the call was a bit out of the ordinary.

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“There have been no calls for llamas that I recall,” Pringle said. “We’ve been called for horses or cows, which have been trapped or stuck in trenches or entangled somewhere. This was just wandering llama.”

The owners hope Speckles and Bravado will be reunited soon.

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