Bodycam Footage Released Of Moment Cop Shoots Family's 2 Dogs

A Minneapolis police officer fired his gun at dogs he claims were "advancing" on him.

Graphic bodycam footage has been released of the moment a Minnesota cop shot a family's two dogs.

The officer with the Minneapolis Police Department was responding to what turned out to be a false security alarm July 8 when the dogs approached him in a family's fenced backyard.

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In the footage, the first dog—named Ciroc—approaches Officer Michael Mays slowly and with his tail wagging. Mays then shoots Ciroc in the face, the video shows.

The second dog, Rocko, then runs at Mays, who fires off additional rounds to the animal's body, according to the footage.

"I dispatched both of them," the officer reports after the shooting, before climbing over a fence and walking to the front of the house.

The officer then encountered a sobbing teenage member of the family.

"I don't like shooting dogs, I love dogs," Mays told the teen.

In a report he subsequently prepared, Mays wrote that he'd been charged by the dogs. His police officers' union defended Mays, saying the dogs had growled at him, though no such sounds can be heard in the footage because audio didn't turn on until after the gun discharged.

Both dogs managed to survive, but require extensive surgery.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau called for a review into the use of force and said the department would help pay for the dogs' treatment.

Mays is not currently facing disciplinary action.

A GoFundMe page has also been created to help raise money for the dogs.

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"Our family would like to thank everyone for all of your support and help throughout this. Both dogs are home. Ciroc is going into surgery tomorrow morning. Rocko is still recovering. Every donation has helped greatly. Every share is extremely appreciated," poster Karli Jones wrote on the page.

As of this writing, the fund has raised over twice its $15,000 goal.

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