Watch as 2 Ordinary Men Make Citizen's Arrest of Drunk Driver in Parking Lot

Anyone can make a citizen's arrest as long as they actually witness the crime.

When a Texas man spotted an unsafe driver on the road, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Alejandro Fernandez Favreau and another witness could be seen in a video dragging a driver out of his vehicle to make a citizen’s arrest after they claim he was driving erratically.

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“I was able to grab him by the neck and pull him out of the car,” Favreau told Inside Edition.

Favreau said he and his family spotted the white Mustang drifting into oncoming traffic, running traffic lights and weaving between lanes on the road. The side of the car was already mangled before Favreau even spotted it.

When the car turned into a supermarket parking lot, Favreau and another man decided to make a citizen’s arrest and detain the driver until police arrived.

Despite being cornered, the driver still tried to get away, but he was ultimately yanked out of his car by the two men.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they were able to identify the man as 28-year-old Sirkon Ash. Police say he was drunk, and charged him with DWI, his third offense.

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Anyone can make a citizen’s arrest if they witness a crime, but they should always proceed with caution, Inside Edition Security Expert Steve Kardian said.

“In cases like this, people that do take action and come out on top," Kardian said. "They’re my heroes."

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