Family That Leaned on Nursing Aide During Their Grief Realizes They Helped Her Years Ago

What goes around comes around.

What goes around comes around — just ask these Georgia locals, whose paths appear to keep crossing in times of need.

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When Chris Wright’s mother, Judy, fell ill with Parkinson’s disease, it was one particular nursing aide, TunDe Hector, who he thanked for helping his family get through the difficult period.

"She cared for her in the most respectful way. She had the utmost respect for human life," Wright's wife, Carmen Wright, told CBS News

Hector, who took care of Judy in her Watkinsville home, soon grew close to her family.

She then one day recalled an encounter she had in 2014. Her car had run out of gas, she had only $5 in her pocket, and rain was pouring.

Suddenly, a man spotted her. He picked her up in his car, filled up her tank, and handed her all the cash he had in his wallet.

When Chris heard the story, his jaw dropped and he responded, “That was me.”

“We don’t believe in coincidences,” Carmen said. “We’re a family of faith. The encounter that had blessed them both three years ago came full-circle.”

On July 9, Judy passed away.

Hector came rushing to the home the moment she heard the news, despite the fact that it was her birthday. She left her celebration early.

Hector continued to visit with the family after Judy’s passing. Knowing Hector was trying to get into nursing school, the family asked guests to donate to her college fund in lieu of sending flowers to Judy’s funeral.

They later decided to start a crowd funding effort, hoping to raise money to get her into school. In less than an hour, they completed their goal, and within days, the campaign raised more than $25,000.

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The Wrights presented her the money earlier this month, and posted her emotional reaction to Facebook.

"Oh Lord have mercy. Lord, you're so good to me," she could be heard repeating in the video, which has since gone viral.

“She's family,” Carmen said. “It's like she's known us forever."

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