Black Bear Naps on Man's Doorstep While Taking Shelter From the Rain

"He was laying there, looked like he was asleep," said Warren Woodard, the owner of the Longwood, Fla., home.

Someone’s been sleeping on my porch!

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An enormous black bear was spotted taking a nap with its legs sprawled out on the doorstep of a Florida home.

“He was lying there, looked like he was asleep,” homeowner Warren Woodard told WKMG.

Woodard suspected the bear was trying to take cover after it had been storming in the area all day.

“Here’s a nice dry place,” he said. “If the door wasn’t there, he probably would have gone in the house."

As the bear rolled over in its slumber, Woodard and his wife were able to snap a few photos before calling the police.

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Although the first officer “wouldn’t come up the driveway,” another eventually spooked the bear, and the animal took off running toward Woodard.

“I ran back around and into the garage,” he said. “It might have had me in the hospital. It’s a scary thought.”

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