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Remains of 24-Year-Old Dad Missing for 9 Months Found in Coast Guard Boat

The body of Matthew Amsler was found in a boat nine months after he disappeared.

The remains of a young Massachusetts father, who mysteriously disappeared nine months ago, have been found inside an airtight container on a Coast Guard boat, authorities said.

Family members identified the body of 24-year-old Matt Amsler, who vanished in October after undergoing a bad reaction to medication for the treatment of schizophrenia, relatives said.

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His wife, Catherine, reported him missing after he failed to return home from work. The couple has a 2-year-old daughter, Emma.

A GoFundMe page established to help pay the family’s expenses appealed to the public for help in finding the man, who lived in Chatham, Mass.

“He loves his wife, and daughter and would never intentionally do anything to hurt his family,” read a November post. “However, right now he is not himself, and he may not be fully aware of his actions.

“We need to find him, we need to bring him home, and we need to continue to help him through treatment!” the message said.

Chatham police continued searching for Amsler without luck as Thanksgiving and Christmas passed, and then Emma's second birthday in April.

On Monday, U.S. Coast Guard personnel inspecting a retired lifeboat on display in Chatham discovered human remains and contacted police.

Mike Trudeau, first assistant district attorney with the Cape and Island’s DA’s Office, said the 44-foot motor lifeboat was on Coast Guard property that was open to the public.

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Workers conducting a drill opened a closed compartment that was apparently airtight and watertight, Trudeau told Tuesday. Inside was the decomposed body.

Autopsy results are pending, Trudeau said. Authorities have not publicly identified the body.

The GoFundMe page bore sad news Monday with a post identifying the remains as belonging to Amsler. “This, of course, was not the ending we wished or hoped for,” the announcement read.

“We thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts and our family in your prayers.

The post went on to say that Amsler had crawled inside the compartment while seeking shelter from a storm and apparently died due to a lack of air.

Donations are now being sought to cover the man’s funeral costs.

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