Be Our Guest: Couple Plans Their Own 'Beauty and the Beast'-Style Wedding

They dressed up like the characters in the movie and watched a live performance of the film afterwards.

It was happily ever after for two grandparents who planned a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding for their grandkids.

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After 10 years together, newlyweds Arlene Sherman, 64, and Harvey Goldman, 70, said “I do” while dressed in clothing inspired by the popular Disney films.

Sherman, formerly a widow, joined her new husband at the altar while wearing a light yellow dress. The groom, who was divorced, sported the Beast's famed blue jacket with gold buttons.

In photographs taken by Thomson & Thomson Photography, the couple smiled brightly with their families, who were also dressed in yellow and blue and holding red roses wrapped in yellow ribbon.

“It was much more family-oriented,” Emily Thomson of Thomson & Thomson Photography told “People there were family and grandkids and children of the bride and groom so it was very festive and fun.”

Their traditional Jewish wedding was held at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Mass., where they exchanged rings in front of their family. But the ceremony was followed by a different type of reception.

The couple and the family celebrated by watching the theater’s closing performance of Beauty and the Beast.

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Once the show ended, the family enjoyed desserts and drinks.

“Everybody loved the couple and they were great match,” Thomson said.

The husband and wife are now enjoying a honeymoon in Nantucket.

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