Is Dalia Dippolito Plotting a Jailbreak? Hit Man-Hiring Newlywed Caught Discussing an Escape

The woman, who was busted for hiring a hit man to kill her new husband, is appealing her conviction.

It's an astonishing new allegation about Dalia Dippolito, the Florida newlywed who hired a hit man to do away with her husband, who authorities say discussed a prison break.

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Dippolito, who has been behind bars since she was found guilty of plotting to kill her new husband, is appealing her conviction and wants to be released on bail.

Prosecutors say she was recently recorded on a phone call "enthusiastically discussing how an inmate broke out of a maximum security prison using wire cutters" in South Carolina.

In the July 8 call, obtained by Good Morning America, Dippolito said: “Everyone here was, like, pumped up when they read that.”

The man on the line doubts Dippolito can escape the prison, which is located on Gun Club Road in West Palm Beach, Fla. 

“It'll never happen at Gun Club, I’ll tell you that,” the unnamed man said.

“God, settle down,” she replied.

Dippolito's lawyer, Brian Claypool, says prosecutors are taking her words out of context.

"This is preposterous," Claypool told Inside Edition. "Dalia Dippolito has been a model inmate. She spent seven years on house arrest without a single infraction. That doesn’t strike me as a young lady who is intending on breaking out of jail." 

The case first made headlines in 2009, when Dippolito, a realtor, was secretly recorded meeting an undercover cop who was posing as a hitman.

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Cops staged a fake murder scene at her Boynton Beach house, and had cameras rolling as officers informed her that her husband of just seven months, Michael, was dead inside.

Some of the officers said they had trouble keeping a straight face as she shed crocodile tears.

It took three trials to reach a guilty verdict. After the third, she was sentenced to 16 years.

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