Extremely Rare White Lion Quintuplets Play in Their Zoo Enclosure

Less than 13 white lions are estimated to live in the wild, while 300 are in captivity.

It is with great "pride" that a Czech zoo is presenting new video of five rare white lions playing in their enclosure just three months after being born.

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The lion quintuplets were born in May at the Dvorec Zoo, and are extremely rare for the endangered species.

Their arrival was a surprise to keepers, including the owner of the facility, Viktor Ambroz, who said his staff has a “huge responsibility” in making sure the lions are receiving the best care possible.

All five lions, Mesfin (which means King) and four females, Asmara (Justice), Dabe (Health), Dunia (Life) and Congit (Beauty) are in good shape, and have been frolicking around their enclosure and getting used to their surroundings inside the zoo.

The siblings all play with each other and roll around in the grass as their parents, 7-year-old Tia and 6-year-old Agi, keep a watchful eye on them.

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Ambroz calls the pride "a great family."

White lions are the result of a genetic rarity that comes from South Africa's Timbavati and Kruger regions. Less than 13 are estimated to live in the wild, while 300 are in captivity.

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