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Safety Expert's Tips For How Women Can Protect Themselves

Steve Kardian has been saving lives since he was a teenager.

Law enforcement expert Steve Kardian, who is trained on how to handle situations ranging from shootings to perils at the gas pump, has documented his knowledge in a new book.

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Inside Edition’s go-to expert on all things security is putting his years of experience into a book, The New Super Power for Women.

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“This is for every young woman, every parent of a young woman, to be able to give them knowledge that will empower them to stay safe,” Kardian told Inside Edition. “It's meant to be an encyclopedia of safety.”

One simple tip from Kardian’s book is to be aware what's happening at "your six" — or behind you.

He also advises to make yourself a "hard target."

“Walk assertively — shoulders back, chest forward," he said. "Present yourself as someone that's not easy to mess with."

Kardian tells women in his safety classes to go “back to basics,” adding that: “common sense needs to be employed better.

"Awareness, being situationally aware of your surroundings — listen to your intuition. Believe in that gut feeling. It's not gonna lie to you.”

Kardian's dedication to helping others was triggered by an event that happened in his teens.

In 1974, when Kardian was just 17, he rescued at 8-year-old boy after a tunnel the child was digging at the beach caved in. Kardian frantically dug into the sand and pulled the boy out.

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"He was dead in my arms," Kardian recalled. "He was limp. He wasn't breathing. He was purple."

But he gave the boy mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, saving his life.

More than 40 years later, Inside Edition reunited the pair. Greg Brainard was thrilled to meet the man who saved his life all those years ago.

"Obviously I wouldn't be here, my children wouldn't be here," he told Kardian. "I just cannot thank you enough."

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