Biker's GoPro Camera Captures His 250-Foot Fall Off Cliff, Which He Survived

Matthew Murray fought back the pain of broken bones to climb back up the cliff to flag down a driver.

A motorcyclist is recovering after plunging off a California road and down a cliff

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Matthew Murray, 27, was going 40 miles per hour when he made a turn that hurled him off a 250-foot cliff just outside Calabasas. 

The fall was captured on his own GoPro camera. 

After his bike tumbled down the rocks, there is silence, but then Murray, who suffered multiple broken bones, begins screaming for help.

With no one hearing his cries and unable to reach his cell phone, Murray had no other option but to make his way back up to the road.

"I really had no choice but to climb," he told Inside Edition. 

Using his own strength and the energy he had left, Murray crawled back up the cliff. Once he reached the top, he flagged down a driver, who called 911.

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Rescuers told him he was lucky to be alive.

Murray says he will never get on a motorcycle again. 

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