Woman Who Lost Ring in the Desert Finds It on Social Media Weeks Later

Mom-to-be Elizabeth Docherty is confident she can verify the ring is hers with the inscription on the back.

A woman who lost her wedding ring weeks ago will be reunited with her most prized possession, thanks to the kindness of strangers on the internet.

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Mom-to-be Elizabeth Docherty of New South Wales, Australia, was on a “babymoon” vacation in the desert with her husband in June when she lost her wedding ring.

“I was pretty devastated, obviously,” Docherty told InsideEdition.com. “I’m very attached to it. It’s got significant value to me, sentimental value.”

Her husband consoled her, and told her there would be no way they could find the ring in the middle of the sand dunes.

Earlier this week, her sister-in-law showed her a picture of a ring posted to Facebook.

“Travelers have located a ring in the Simpson Desert […] The Birdsville Police are keen to track the owner down,” according to ABC Western Queensland.

Immediately, Docherty recognized the jewelry.

"I cried — I just cried," she said. "I could not even fathom that someone had found that, let alone handed it in.”

She reached out to authorities, who told her that they will be able to verify that it's her ring as soon as the sergeant in charge of the found item is back in an area with cell phone reception.

However, Docherty is confident she will be reunited with the ring.

“There’s an inscription inside it and very few people know what the inscription says,” she said. “Apparently there has been a couple people come forward for it, but no one’s been able to give the details. Certainly, strangers wouldn’t know what the inscription says.”

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As she waits patiently for confirmation, Docherty explained the entire ordeal has given her hope in the compassion of others.

“The amount of kindness that it’s taken for people on Facebook to take the time out and share a post on a page, that’s how it found me,” Docherty said. “It took only nine hours for that item to track me down once it had gone onto Facebook.”

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