Former DJ Rejects Verdict in Taylor Swift Groping Case: 'I Never Grabbed Her'

Despite what a jury determined this week, David Mueller claims he never touched the pop singer inappropriately.

The DJ may have lost his battle in court, but he's sticking to his story, maintaining he did not grope Taylor Swift during a 2013 meet-and-greet in Colorado.

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“I didn't do what they accused me of doing,” David Mueller told Inside Edition. “My hand was never up her skirt. I never grabbed her.”

Hours before the interview, a Denver jury found that he had assaulted Swift during the photo op prior to a Denver concert.

Mueller recalled what he claims went down when he met the “Bad Blood” singer.

“Taylor wanted to speed up the process because there was a line that she needs to move through and she said, 'Hey, how about a picture?' She puts her arm around my girlfriend and turns to her and they both turn to their left and I instinctively tried to get into the shot,” he said.

The DJ, who lost his job at radio station KYGO after the incident, claims he never reached under her dress.

“I have spent 20 years of my life building a career in entertainment and I am just going to reach under a celebrity’s skirt or grab her in any way? Does that make sense at all? I am with my girlfriend. There is a bodyguard there.”

Mueller came under fire after many of his electronic devices, including a cell phone, laptop, and tablet were somehow lost or destroyed after he secretly recorded a conversation with his boss about the groping allegations.

"I didn’t destroy anything," Mueller claimed. “He said I deliberately destroyed things. I didn’t deliberately destroy anything.”

"I know who I am," he added. “It is not what you are called to — it is what you answer to. I know I’m not that guy they painted me as.”

It took the jury just four hours to reach their verdict, which was a total victory for Taylor Swift and her legal team. The singer was awarded exactly what she had asked for: Nominal damages of $1. It was the outcome many had anticipated.

“This was a bad case from the beginning,” attorney Whitney Taylor told Inside Edition. “He did not have the facts. He was suing the wrong defendants. The case was bad coming into the courtroom and just got worse throughout the trial.”

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Moments after the verdict was handed down, Swift's attorney, Doug Baldridge praised the singer.

“It gives courage and inspiration to all people, not just women, to have courage to draw lines and know where those lines are, the lines of mutual respect between people,” he told reporters.

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