Motorist Cut Off by Speeding Driver on Highway, Winds Up Wedged Under Truck

The astonishing moment was captured on camera by another driver.

A California driver is lucky to be alive after her car was wedged under a tractor-trailer on the 10 Freeway in Los Angeles.

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Madis Tolentino says she was driving in her BMW Wednesday when she was clipped by another driver who was speeding. She lost control of the vehicle and ended up under the big rig.

Her car was dragged under the truck for about a half-mile. When it finally came to a stop, other drivers ran to her aid.

Police told Tolentino her car may have saved her life.

"He told me that I was very lucky — 'Had you been driving a different car a little lower than a BMW, you would have most likely gone under the rig and the rig would have gone over you,'" she recalled to Inside Edition. 

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When amateurs try to recreate the scenes from films like The Fast and the Furious, the results can be tragic. On YouTube, there are countless examples of dangerous driving.

Luckily for Tolentino, her brush with dangerous driving had a happy ending, as she emerged from the incident with only a few scratches, CBS Los Angeles reported.

She suspects street racing played a role in the accident.


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