Tim Tebow's Shoutout Makes 88-Year-Old Grandma's Day

Her grandson said it was the biggest smile she's had since her stroke.

Tim Tebow's recent shoutout to a Florida teen’s grandma was certainly not out of character.

Danny Terp, 17, asked Tebow, who currently plays for the Port St. Lucie Mets, to greet his grandmother while he was signing autographs prior to a game against the Tampa Yankees on Saturday.

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“We didn't even think we'd get a chance to be near him. He happened to come by us and I asked him to say hello to my grandma," Terp told InsideEdition.com. "I figured I could just buy an autograph but a video for her would be priceless."

Tebow had no problem obliging the teen and quickly said hello to Terp’s 88-year-old grandmother Margaret McClung.

“What’s up Miss Margaret? It’s Tim Tebow. Hope you’re having a great day. God bless,” the athlete said in the video Terp later showed his grandmother.

Shoutout to Tim for the shoutout to his biggest fan. Definitely made my Grandma's day. Biggest smile she's had since her stroke. @TimTebow ? pic.twitter.com/9G2Y9JxJk0

— Danny Terp (@YungDaniel300) August 13, 2017

McClung is a big fan of college football, and has "loved Tebow since day one," Terp explained.

“She even bought me a FatHead of him when I was in elementary school," he added. "I knew she'd just be happy that I was able to meet him, regardless of whether he said hello to her or not.”

The 88-year-old has read his books, followed his career, and loves that he makes a difference in people's lives all over the world, her grandson said.

Terp later played it for his grandmother and McClung couldn’t contain her smile.

“That’s something to hear him say your name,” McClung said in a video that Terp shot of her reaction to the special shoutout.

Although the grandmother did jokingly mention she didn’t know why he introduced himself because she knew exactly who he was.

The moment was even more special for the family because Terp said it was the first time he’d seen his grandma smile so much since she had a stroke less than a year ago. 

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McClung was perfectly healthy before she was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk. She then suffered a stroke. The grandmother is currently living in a nursing facility.

“Before her stroke, she was extremely independent and healthy, now she has to rely on others for almost everything and it's hard on her,” Terp said. “I was excited about showing her the video because I know how much she admires Tebow on and off the field.  Not many players would take the time to do what he did, so I was very thankful for that.”

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