25 Years Since 'Friends' Started, What Would Janice and Gunther Be Doing?

We caught up with the characters' actors at New York City's "Friends" pop-up.

What would the "Friends" characters be doing today, 25 years after the iconic TV show began?

InsideEdition.com caught up with the actors who played two of them — Janice and Gunther — at the "Friends" 25th anniversary pop-up in New York City to ask what their characters would be doing in 2019.

"I think she has a podcast and I think she's taking calls and telling people how to fix their love lives," said Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice. "I think she's created a nice clothing line ... all leopard, all cheetah, you know, jungle."

Gunther would "be into Instagram," said actor James Michael Tyler.

And he'd probably — hopefully — be over Rachel.

"That's really sad if he's not," he said. "I honestly think Gunther is happily married with two children with hair brighter than the sun."

The sold-out pop-up in New York's SoHo pays tribute to each of the six main characters in a separate room. Visitors can see real props from the show, as well hair and costumes worn throughout its 10 seasons. Fans can place themselves in multiple "Friends" scenes, such as the famous "pivot!" couch moment, or the one where Joey wore all of Chandler's clothes.

Celebrating 25 years since the show began is "unbelievable," Tyler said.

Wheeler said being a part of "Friends" continues to mean so much to her.

"As an actor it was an opportunity to bring to life this iconic character that found her way into the hearts of millions of people across the world," she said. " That is something not everyone gets to say about their work in this lifetime so I feel very, very blessed."