Sharing the Wealth: Best Friends of 50 Years Split $2 Million Lottery Win

The two friends plan on traveling with their earnings.
British Columbia Lottery Corporation

Two Canadian women who have been best friends for 50 years have even more reason to celebrate as they won $2 million in the British Columbia Lottery together. 

Susan Hook and Martha McCallum have been through thick and thin together, and now they are millionaires. 

The two women have been living together after both of their husbands passed away. McCallum recently purchased a ticket with Hook, and after checking the ticket, she went right back to work. 

“I was on my coffee break and decided to check the ticket,” McCallum told the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. “I thought, ‘What do all the zeros mean?’ And I went back to work, believe it or not.”

For Hook, it is a new beginning, she said, and a way to help ease the pain of the past. 

“Yesterday was the anniversary of my husband’s passing, and it is quite something to know that we became millionaires on that day. I dread that day every year,” she said.

The friends said they plan on traveling with the money and living “comfortable but not flashy” lives. 


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