Montreal Couple Finds Long-Lost Winning Lotto Ticket 2 Days Before Deadline

Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque won the lottery just in the nick of time.

This Canadian couple is $750,000 richer — just in the nick of time.

One Canadian couple is $750,000 richer — just in the nick of time.

Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque bought a $100 Ultime lottery ticket as a special treat on Valentine's Day in 2018.

But because the drawing was scheduled for April 5, nearly two months later, the couple forgot about their ticket.

Then this week, a year later, Pedmeault was rummaging through some boxes of old belongings to find an item to give her grandson for his show-and-tell at school. That's when she opened up a book. And there, tucked inside, was the long-lost lottery ticket. 

"The first thing I didnt when I found the ticket in the book was go check the prize claim deadline," Pedneault said.

That deadline? April 5, 2019 — just two days away.

"I was so luck to have found it in the nick of time," Pedneault added.

And lucky she was. Their grand prize came out to $1 million in Canadian dollars.

"It's like my legs have turned to jelly and my mind is elsewhere," Pedneault said when she and Larocque were handed their fat check.

"We didn't plan on celebrating tonight. But we'll be sure to treat ourselves to a poutine with a double helping of gravy and cheese curds at the restaurant," Larocque joked.

The couple plans to spend their new riches on their five sons and their grandkids. Larocque is also thinking about buying a new car.

"Instead of treating each other to flowers or chocolate on Valentine's Day, we went out with friends to the Casino de Montreal and picked up a lottery ticket. It turned out to be quote the gift wouldn't you say, honey?" Pedneault said, shooting a look at Larocque.