Woman Whose Ex Won $273 Million Lottery Prize Just Wants to Stop Paying Him Alimony

Eileen Murray is hoping that her ex-husband Mike Weirsky's windfall will change things.

The wife of a man who won $273 million in the Mega Millions lottery earlier this month is asking him to end her court-ordered spousal support.

Eileen Murray was the primary breadwinner in her marriage with Mike Weirsky of Alpha, New Jersey. They only just divorced months ago, and Murray was ordered to pay spousal support to Weirsky for five years after the end of their relationship.

But she's hoping his massive windfall will change things.

"To him, [the alimony] is pocket change at this point," Murray told Inside Edition exclusively. "Think about the amount of money that he has just won. What I'm paying him is a pittance."

Murray said that Weirsky spent the majority of their 15-year marriage taking care of their dog at home, which wasn't "a bad thing." It enabled them flexibility to travel, according to Murray. "Some years we maybe took four to five vacations."

"I don't want anyone to misconstrue that I'm coming after him," Murray said, adding that she doesn't want a cut of the winnings. She just wants him to use it wisely. 

"I hope he does very good things with it," she said. "... I'm happy for him, I really am. I'm not an angry person, I'm not a mean person."

When Weirsky spoke to Inside Edition earlier in March, he was a little sensitive on the subject of Murray. "It's over with," he said. "I just want her to stop being in my life."

Murray said that she found out about her ex's win through an anonymous call. 

"I had already seen that somebody had purchased a ticket at that store and I thought, 'There's no way it could be him,' and sure enough it was," she recalled. "I was shocked."

The store where Weirsky bought the ticket already had special meaning for the onetime couple, Murray said. "He proposed to me at that QuickChek," she said with a laugh. "... I'm his good luck charm." 

Inside Edition's Senior Correspondent Les Trent bought Murray a Mega Millions lottery ticket himself to see if he might be her good luck charm. 

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