Man With Stage 4 Cancer Plans to Travel With Wife After Winning $250,000 on Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

Richard Beare is battling stage 4 cancer.
North Carolina Education Lottery officials

A North Carolina man battling cancer got a nice surprise when his lottery ticket earned him $250,000.

Richard Beare, who has stage 4 liver cancer, won big after his wife asked him to pick up a Powerball ticket and he decided to grab some scratch-off tickets too. 

It was those scratch-offs that won $176,876 after taxes.

He plans to use the money to travel with his wife. 

“I recently got diagnosed with stage four liver cancer,” Beare told the lottery officials. “I want to travel while I can still enjoy myself. My wife has always wanted to go to Italy, since that’s where her descendants are from.

"Now I can take her," he added.


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