94-Year-Old Former Judge Builds Backyard Pool After Wife's Death - and Everyone's Welcome

Keith Davison built the pool in the small town of Morris, Minn., to lift his spirits following his beloved wife's death.

A 94-year-old World War II vet in Minnesota has had a backyard pool installed for the good of his community.

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Widower Keith Davison lost his wife of 66 years, Evy, to cancer last year and the retired judge built the pool for the children and families of his community in the town of Morris.

The pool has drawn neighborhood kids from the whole town, and the company is helping him cope with his loss.

“They state 'til death do us part, and that's what we intended and that's the way it was,” he told Inside Edition. “She had a nightstand and she's got a watch on it that's still sitting there and I can't move it, I just can't."

Those lonely months of silence without his wife have now been replaced by the laughter and joy of children.

The kids say “the pool is very refreshing.” Parents call it “a treasured gift.”

“Every morning they wake up and go, 'Can we go to neighbor Keith’s pool today?'" one parent said.

Another added that the pool "has definitely uplifted our neighborhood."

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"He’s a really good person," one of the children said. "I’m glad he invited us. This is just awesome."

The 32-foot pool opened last month and the kids have been lining up every day to jump in. His only requirement is that a child’s parent or guardian must be there to supervise.

The overwhelming gratitude has given Davison new purpose and he doesn't even mind when he gets a little wet.

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