Beauty Blogger Livestreams Breast Surgery on Facebook: 'Perfect Size for Her'

The 24-year-old explained why she wanted to share the procedure for her fans.

A 24-year-old beauty blogger was certainly not shy as she livestreamed her breast augmentation surgery on Facebook for the whole world to see.

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Ashley Devonna, of Fort Worth, Texas, has more than 280,000 followers, and was eager to share her procedure on the social network, and she's not alone.

Livestreaming surgeries are a growing trend. One million people go to Snapchat every day to see raw, uncensored videos of surgeries performed by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who goes by the name “Dr. Miami.”

This was the first time Devonna’s surgeon, Dr. Farah Khan, livestreamed from the operating table.

As the surgeon made incisions under the blogger’s breasts and inserted the implants, Facebook lit up with comments.

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Devonna says she wasn't interested in going overboard, choosing implants that wouldn't overwhelm her petite frame.

The operation took 45 minutes and following the surgery, Dr. Khan defended her client's decision to have the surgery livestreamed. 

"She is very open," she told Inside Edition. "She is very honest." 

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