As World Mourns Jerry Lewis, a Look Back at the Comedy Icon's Most Poignant Moments

Jerry Lewis, who died Sunday at 91, sat down with Inside Edition many times over the years.

Jerry Lewis’ comedic impact will be felt for generations and those that knew him have been left reflecting on the life of the iconic comic, who died Sunday at 91.

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Over the years, Jerry Lewis sat down with Inside Edition numerous times, including his 2014 sit-down with Jim Moret, which the two dubbed “the final interview.”

Some of his abrasive disposition was on display in that interview when Moret asked how the legendary funnyman would want to be remembered. 

"Why would I want to be remembered?" Lewis said. "Would I know that? When I am gone, will I know what is going on? Do it for me now!"

Lewis suffered from serious health issues for decades and died of natural causes inside his Las Vegas home.

He was beloved by his fans but Lewis also had a reputation as sometimes being difficult to work with.

Perhaps no one knows this better than his former manager, Rick Saphire.

"He would often get into little disputes with people and sometimes, Jerry would throw you under the bus and you never knew when it was going to happen," Saphire said. 

The Nutty Professor actor's life was filled with joy, but also drama.

In 2009, a woman named Susan Lewis came forward, claiming she was his love child from an affair he had with a showgirl.

A DNA test she took with the comedian’s son Gary, showed a high probability that she was in fact the daughter of The King of Comedy star.

Lewis was praised for his Labor Day telethon that raised money for muscular dystrophy, but his relationship with the charity soured and he last hosted the show in 2010.

The annual event raised a reported $2.45 billion. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

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James Kaplan co-wrote the comic’s memoir, Dean And Me, and discussed the late icon.

"He was a multitalented genius," he said. "If people underperformed or let him down, he gave it to them. If people asked stupid questions, he gave it to them. He was not easy to work with."

Lewis was married twice. He is survived by his wife SanDee Pitnick and six children.

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