'Star Wars' Fan Proposes to Girlfriend in Movie Theater to Be With Her 'in This Galaxy and the Next'

He had been planning the elaborate proposal for months.

One major movie fanatic took his appreciation of cinema to a whole new level as he proposed to his other great love, his girlfriend of five years.

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Not so long ago in the galaxy of New York City, Austin Hoffman, a 31-year-old real estate agent, managed to plan out an elaborate proposal to his girlfriend while starring in a faux Star Wars movie trailer.

With the help of Proposal007.com and a local AMC movie theater, Hoffman took his girlfriend, Alison Israel, a social worker, to the movies Friday for a special screening of one of his favorite films, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

“We go to the movies at least once a week,” Hoffman told InsideEdition.com. “I love Star Wars and wanted to do a movie trailer. I rented out the theater and two months prior to the proposal, I coordinated with Alison and told her to take the day off because they were showing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at 11 a.m. on this particular Friday.”

Hoffman said he had been planning the proposal for about four to five months and went multiple times to the theater to test out the fake Star Wars trailer he crafted, in which he dresses up as Han Solo to pop the question.

He said that he was coming and going in the theater so frequently that the staff began recognizing him and would greet him in the halls whenever he'd visit.

For the important day, he hired a few off-duty AMC employees to sit in the seats and pretend to be civilians. He even hired a photographer to capture the action which has been obtained by Caters News

Right before the "movie" was set to start, he stepped away to use the bathroom and took his girlfriend’s phone.

“She usually looks at her phone during trailers and I told her I needed to go to the bathroom and took her phone because I told her to pay attention to the Star Wars trailer they were going to show," he said. "I crouched behind the back row of seats, I was shaking because I was so nervous and wanted it to work.”

Once his face popped up on screen he said Israel realized what was happening. In the video trailer he asked her to accompany him "in this galaxy and the next." 

“She was in tears,” Hoffman recalled.

He then got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life.

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Israel, who was so caught up in the moment, didn’t realize the screen wasn’t real.

“She asked, ‘Are we still seeing the movie?'" Hoffman said.

That wasn’t the only surprise he had in mind. Later that night, he took her back to the restaurant where they had their very first date and coordinated with their respective families to meet them there.

“My parents, her parents and siblings were standing behind the bar,” he said.

The couple already has a May 2018 date set and plan on seeing the upcoming Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, on opening day.

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