Man Poses as Deadpool to Wrangle Alligator While Blindfolded: 'Way More Dangerous Than I Thought'

The event was for Colorado Gator Farm's "Gator Fest."

A Colorado man has proven he could be a real-life superhero as he dressed up as a blindfolded Deadpool and entered an alligator enclosure to wrestle one of the beasts.

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Jason McDonald, 38, teaches gator handling classes and runs the social media accounts for the Colorado Gator Farm in Mosca.

Recently, the farm celebrated "Gator Fest" and the 2017 theme was superheroes, prompting McDonald to don a Deadpool outfit — the bottom half of which was a kilt — to go into the murky pond to pull a gator.

Wearing a costume wasn’t the only bizarre part of the brave man’s stunt: He also went in blindfolded and wore a metal helmet for protection.

“I wanted to make it a big spectacle,” he told “I had gotten the Deadpool kilt and wanted to do that to be unique. I like the movie and at least Deadpool can regenerate body parts.”

In the ridiculous garb, McDonald descended into the water, which contained at least 50 alligators ranging in size from seven to 10 feet. After a few minutes carefully walking around and relying on his other senses, he grabbed one eight-foot-gator that weighed about 200 pounds.

“I bumped into two of them before I reached down and thought it was her back but it was his jaw and that was the scariest part,” he recalled. “It was definitely nerve wracking. Being able to see helps a lot and taking that aspect out makes it harder.”

In the video of the event, obtained by Caters News, McDonald said: “That was way more dangerous than I thought.”

McDonald, who has been involved with gators for the last 12 years, has been fascinated with the reptiles since he was younger.

He wanted one as a pet, and after taking a handling class at the farm, he realized he could be around gators of various sizes whenever he wanted, so he started working at the venue.

He said he has only been bitten once and it happened two years ago when he was sitting on the back of a gator and put her jaw under his chin. He said he must have breathed too hard into the gator’s mouth, which caused her to react and bite his hand.

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People at the farm had to pry the gator off his hand after 13 long minutes but McDonald managed to walk away with just three puncture wounds which quickly healed.

As for his latest stunt, he walked away unscathed and said he would do it again.

His latest spectacle also made him appreciate Ryan Reynolds, the actor who portrays Deadpool on screen, more.

“I give Ryan Reynolds credit,” he said. “It is hard to see out of that costume without the blindfold.”

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