Inside President Trump's Childhood Home That's on Airbnb for $800 Per Night: 'This Is Gross!'

Unmade beds, garbage and no gas nor hot water were the low points of Inside Edition's visit to the home.

The most famous listing on Airbnb is President Trump’s childhood home, where you can stay for a price of $800 a night — but is it worth it?

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Inside Edition rented the home this week, and it was up to reporter Steven Fabian to find out if the house was as extravagant as the cost would suggest.

The home is located in the affluent Jamaica Estates neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., a 40-minute drive from Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.

From the outside, the house appears to be in great condition and beautifully landscaped in a picturesque neighborhood.

But once inside, it's another story.

A used hair clip and a dirty mantle were discovered in the stuffy living room, the first room you enter from the front door.

The five-bedroom Tudor house sits on a quiet street where the Republican presidential candidate lived at Wareham Road following his birth 71 years ago.

What is also obvious as soon as you walk in is the massive amount of Trump memorabilia.

You are greeted by a life-sized cardboard cutout of the president, as well as photos of him through the years on the wall and framed quotes of his that decorate the living room and other parts of the home.

Each room contains a copy of Trump's best seller The Art of the Deal, including the study, where Trump: The Game was also on display.

Fabian observed that the home smells funny and the furniture is mismatched and extremely outdated.

The kitchen looked fine at first glance but after looking for items like utensils, there were a load of Trump glasses and a Trump mug.

The kitchen featured a Keurig coffee maker, but as Fabian went to make a cup of java, he found a used pod already sitting in the machine.

The garbage had also not been taken out by the previous guests of the home.

And if that wasn't enough, there was no gas in the house, which stymied Fabian's plans for a BBQ with friends. There was also no hot water.

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When he went to watch TV in another room, the box wasn’t plugged in and the remote didn’t work.

In the master bedroom was a sign that read: “In this bedroom, President Donald J. Trump was likely conceived, by his parents, Fred and Mary Trump. The world has never been the same.”

The other three bedrooms all contain bunk beds. One of the beds had not been made.

When Donald Trump was 4 years old, the family moved to the home behind the property, a full-fledged mansion.

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