A Paw-Some Reunion! Family Dog Returned to Her Owners a Year After Running Away

"I couldn't believe that she was back," the youngest family member said.

A lost dog has reunited with its grateful owners about a year after running away.

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The Robles family was heartbroken last summer when Lola the Labrador took off, leaving the Texas family stunned and heartbroken. 

"I was really sad,” Jeslyn Robles, a teenager, said of her beloved canine. "Most of me thought she got hit or had died somehow"

Then, out of nowhere, a call came from Dallas Animal Services, saying Lola was found.

When the family picked up the dog, they noticed Lola was in good condition because she appeared to have been looked after and well-fed.

Jeslyn and her younger brother Joshua were speechless when they saw their pup.

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"I couldn't believe that she was back,” Joshua said.

"I was just really surprised and I couldn't believe it was her," his sister added.

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