Dog Overjoyed to See Owner Weeks After They Were Struck by a Drunk Driver

22-year-old Chance Patterson's other dog, Carlitos, was killed on impact.

A Colorado man and his pit bull were reunited for the first time since they were struck by a drunk driver in an accident that killed his German shepherd.

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Izzy the pit bull could be seen hopping onto owner Chance Patterson’s wheelchair as she covered his face with slobbery kisses, even though the East Vail man had a cast on his arm and leg.

“It was very heartwarming,” said Holly Walthers, of the Vail Doggie Day Spa and Lodging, who helped reunite the pair. “When [the accident] happened, he had no idea that she survived.”

Walthers told that Patterson’s pups, Izzy the pit bull and Carlitos the German shepherd were regulars at their doggy day care. He often drops them off there before he goes to work.

On a night in July, Patterson, 22, had picked up his dogs after a long day at work when his car was hit by a drunk driver.

Patterson suffered a broken leg, broken ribs, a broken elbow and a lacerated lung. Despite the serious injuries, all he could ask a witness who came over to help was how his dogs were doing.

“Carlitos was killed on impact,” Walthers said. “Izzy the pit bull was scared and bolted form the car.”  

The hospital later contacted Vail Doggie Day Spa and Lodging, and recruited their help in tracking down the dog.

“She’s a pretty timid dog unless she knows you,” Walthers explained. “A couple people saw her but she was too scared and no one could get her. We knew it’d have to be someone who actually knew her.”

Several days later, an employee of the boarding facility was able to make contact with Izzy by standing in the same spot of the car accident, hoping the lost pup would find her.

“The dog found her,” she said. “Izzy came and jumped on her and was really happy to see her.”

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While the accident killed 2-year-old Carlitos, Walters said Izzy only suffered a sprained toe, and after being treated by a veterinarian, Izzy stayed at the facility until Patterson was well enough to get her.

“His dogs are really his world,” Walthers said. “We called him and told him [we found Izzy] and he was relieved and crying.”

After a short adjustment period, Walters said Izzy is doing well and is back to her normal self.

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