TV Reporter Breaks Down in Tears as She Returns Home for the First Time After Harvey

Patricia Lopez is a consumer reporter for the Houston-area ABC affiliate.

It was an emotional afternoon for one Houston reporter as she returned to her home following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Patricia Lopez, a consumer reporter for KTRK-TV, took cameras along as she returns home for the first time since being evacuated.

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“My family lives here — this is our home," she tearfully said as she entered the house. "This is where my kids feel safe and now it's not."

The floors are still coated with muddy water and floodwaters shifted heavy furniture and toppled her appliances.

While the state of her home is excruciating to her, Lopez is grateful that her family is safe.

“It’s just stuff,” she said. “It all has to be replaced, and it's an inconvenience, but we're lucky. We have family here that loves us and cares for us.”

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She added: "We're gonna get back on our feet. We will." 

While the waters slowly recede, people are still helping one another in Texas, like when a monster truck was used to tow a military vehicle to higher ground Thursday. 

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