Man Finds Love Again Months After Ex-Wife Is Convicted of Trying to Hire Hit Man to Kill Him

Michael Dippolito's wife was found guilty of solicitation of murder after the "hit man" she hired was really an undercover cop.

A Florida man whose wife tried to hire a hit man to kill him in 2009 is starting a new life and moving on with a new flame.

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Michael Dippolito saw his world turn upside down nearly a decade ago when his wife tried to hire a hit man to murder him.

The man she hired was actually an undercover cop and she was arrested after the police staged a phony crime scene to give her the impression that her husband was dead.

“I was impressed with her lying skills," Michael told Inside Edition. "I mean, you can't believe when you watch it,” 

It took three trials to reach a guilty verdict. After the third, she was sentenced to 16 years.

Michael Dippolito is building a new life, and has found a new love in a woman named Gloria, whom he met at a restaurant and the couple is now engaged.

“I was a little aware of what was going on [with Michael],” she told Inside Edition.

She said that after she learned the whole story, she felt bad for him.

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“I really felt bad for him but my thing is just moving on from there,” she added. “I love him a lot.”

After what he's been through, Michael wants to make sure this time, he has found true love at last.

“It's nice,” he said of Gloria. “Sometimes it's hard to accept something this good is happening to you.”

“He's very lucky to be alive to be with me,” she added.

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