Paradise Lost: Barbuda Destroyed by Hurricane Irma

The unprecedented hurricane has leveled 90 percent of the island's buildings.

It is utter devastation in Barbuda as Hurricane Irma has laid waste to much of the tiny Caribbean paradise.

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The island took a direct hit and was ravaged by 180 mph winds Wednesday as the monster storm tore through the country.

Barbuda and Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Browne has reported that 90 percent of structures on the tiny island have been flattened.

“As it stands, Barbuda is practically uninhabitable,” Browne told Antigua/Barbuda Broadcasting Services Wednesday.

Most of the 1,700 inhabitants are now homeless.

As they hunkered down, many people captured footage of the ferocious hurricane on their cell phones and woke up to chaos.

On the island of Tortola, stunned citizens are coming to terms with Irma’s wrath and taking stock of the damage, countless residents were left homeless and with nowhere to go.

The island of St. Martin also took a direct hit.

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Its famous airport, a favorite place for tourists to hang out as jets fly right over their heads on the beach, now lies in ruins as the runway is covered in sand.

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