Some Miami Residents Staying Put, and Braving Hurricane Irma in Concrete-Encased Garage

They are defying orders to leave the area as Hurricane Irma approaches.

The high-rise luxury condos of downtown Miami are facing a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, but they won't let that scare them away.

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Gary Read and his family live on the 29th floor of a luxury building on Biscayne Boulevard.

“I think we're expecting about 145 miles an hour by the time it gets here," he told Inside Edition. "The building is built to withstand 175 mile-per-hour winds, so I think we should be okay.” 

The family said they plan to ride out the storm despite warnings to evacuate. They have a plenty of water, fruits, and non-perishable canned goods.

From his balcony, Gary can see towering cranes that can topple in high winds.

His building is not only facing danger from the cranes. The residents are also wondering whether the building will sway if the winds are strong enough.

Inside Edition spoke with some residents who say they're going to take refuge in the garage, a nearly indestructible bunker on the sixth floor.

“We have multiple places within the building that are sealed in concrete. This to me is the most safest,” one resident claimed.

Many families trying to evacuate are facing frustration and despair. Lines at Miami International Airport seem to go on forever.

Some are camping out at the airport because their flights were canceled, but they won't be allowed to stay after Friday night.

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Incredibly, a handful of people are still going to Miami. A recent flight out of New York’s JFK Airport Friday had just 14 people on board.

Getting out by car is an ordeal because the highways are clogged and there are gas shortages. In one case, tempers flared to the point where a man pulled a gun on another driver while on a long line for gas.

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